Time Bomb: 2.0

An updated version of a poem I blogged about about a week ago. Hopefully it surpasses the original in my viewer’s eyes. 

It was the happiest and saddest moment of his Summer.

All in one sitting with you, happiest and saddest.

The excitement of your smile brought on one of his own.

A truly exquisite feeling, no other has come close.

Still in his broken mind, a time bomb awaits its trigger.

When the feeling of serenity falls victim to displeasure.

In all his doubt, he still believes you will be back some day.

Yet your departure has always caused his soul to constrain.

Wrapping tightly around the detonator, break your gaze.

Your beautiful eyes need not see him blown away.

And plug your ears, no need for you to hear

the explosive rambling of a man lost with love.

unsuccessful at his every quest for one to take hold.

He only wishes to share what he holds so close.

A burning passion, love that is true. 

A man can only hope.

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