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This is a really good friend of mine who goes by the name “Hana Banana!” Not officially but in our line of friendship it is. This girl has been an inspiration to me in my writing since the very beginning. She was my first “writing buddy” I guess you can call it and I can honestly say that if it wasn’t for her encouragement, I may have never continued writing after high school ended. So I would like to honor her by spreading this video of her doing her very first cover song by one of her favorite artists. I hope you all enjoy. Please comment on the video VIA YouTube if you enjoyed it. I know I did 🙂

I despise you.

Every ounce of devilish flesh your frigid soul possessed.

Never guessed,

I’d dangle hook, line, and sinker.

Bobbing and weaving in the treacherous sea,

Believing my role to be truly divine.

Yet I was just the bait, yeah,

I was swallowed by fate, yeah,

And this sickness lies in wait, girl,

 It relinquished the life from dilated eyes.

A desperate junkie, manipulating words fill the syringe.

Injecting lies as a cure for my blight.

Never shown the light.

I’ve grown weak, I’ve grown meek, my words have razor sharp TEETH!

I devour the world with my cynical ways.

For the light has grown red, invading my impressionable head.

Yes, you helped nudge me over the edge, yeah,

You watched me fall with no regrets and yet,

You still try to be my “special” friend.

Don’t you understand?!

You are why my conscience is dead!

I was fine before you; I was alive with ambitions

To sprout a family, to travel the world!

Now I’m one beat of a butterfly’s wings from showing you a rogue lion’s


Your game is a


You said I deserve



The last time that I saw her

Was racked with misery

A familiar face

Bringing terror to my knees

From false prophet worship

Forgery FORGERY! I shout to the sky

This Goddess hides a demon

Beneath my own ignorant eyes

I have been a fool,

Weary that my own path

May fowl hers.

A fitting tune performed by Frank Sinatra

You ain’t been blue; no, no, no.
You ain’t been blue,
Till you’ve had that mood indigo.
That feelin’ goes stealin’ down to my shoes
While I sit and sigh, “Go ‘long blues”.

Always get that mood indigo,
Since my baby said goodbye.
In the evenin’ when lights are low,
I’m so lonesome I could cry.

‘Cause there’s nobody who cares about me,
I’m just a soul who’s
bluer than blue can be.
When I get that mood indigo,
I could lay me down and die.