Monthly Archives: December 2014

She was the eye of the storm: for all things in life had clarity when standing at her side, as if the sun wished only to save itself when the boy and his love lay in arms. Though when a distance separates him from the center of such a tempest, things go awry. shades of grey replace the azure sky. Wall clouds surround and threaten to spew twisters, where minutes before, her smile had occupied its space. Life no longer makes sense as thoughts are disrupted by a violent internal maelstrom, flailing and hopeless like the love you bare.

When the gusts of Winter left our teeth to chatter
A friend revived us with the warmth of laughter.
When all else failed and oblivion reared its head
A friend’s devotion kept our spirits high instead.
When life’s terrain grew too rough to traverse
A friend was always there, for better or for worse…

Originally written for a good friend, I share this piece with the world.