To Mi Abuelita

Rest In Peace 🙂

Open bar, no one cards.

Drinking my sorrows

Until I’m somewhere,


… Away

In your arms

I lay embraced

Memories race.

You used to call my name

So all could hear

“Aye, Mi Gordito!”

Is here

It’s the first thing

I’d hear.

I never got to say goodbye

That day you traveled south;

Once again…

I never expected it to happen;

I hope you understand.

You’ve made that journey

A thousand times.

I’d no idea God, would make demands.

So here I am, drinking to you.

If I’m lucky, I’ll pass out in a few.

No, here come the tears,

Watch out ladies,

I’m crashing this wedding

With sorrow and beer.

I made a scene, but

I had to do it.

If I held it one more minute

I’d psychologically lose it.

Dry eyes since then

Until tonight, writing to you.

I couldn’t make it through

The first few lines

Without a good cry.

I love you.

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