I’m not the best at describing myself, but I’ll at least tell you a bit about what I like.

I am a fan all types of music. But my main passion goes all the way back to the 30’s when recording artists began their surge on the scene. My protoplasmic corpse doesn’t go back that far unfortunately. Sometimes I wonder if I lived a past life in the 40’s or 50’s. Maybe I actually attended one of Sinatra’s shows in Haboken when he was still a young lad himself playing local shows with Harry James. *Sigh* One can only hope.

I am also an aspiring writer. So far my works have been purely amateurish; though I hope to improve as I continue receiving feedback from the World Wide Web. At least no one is denying me face to face. It’s all 1’s and 0’s.



  1. Rahburt said:

    I have always been enticed by that era. Things just seem so simple and pure. Too bad I can’t see for myself.

    • warninghugeass said:

      It is one of the reasons I still hold out some hope for time travel in the future lol.

      • Rahburt said:

        Waiting for the future so we can go back to the past, ha

  2. hiya…thank you for the like on my Izabel Goulart blog….xx

    • warninghugeass said:

      Oh you are very welcome 🙂 I appreciate you taking the time to stop by my blog!

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