Monthly Archives: July 2013

“He did believe in God, but, frankly, he didn’t trust him, and saw no reason in the world why he should. If God’s idea of salvation was Jesus Christ, God was too eccentric to be relied on.” -Handling Sin by Michael Malone

I’ve been reading a lot more than usual lately and it seems I will resort to some witty and entertaining quotes as I go on. Hopefully this at least keeps me connected with the writing community while I try to figure out why my body weeps as a soul is worthless without a healthy protoplasmic blob to dwell in. 

There’s a place in my head and it dreads to be fed, lies.
It’s void of compassion, hatrid, disgust; simply a void.
Where thought cannot exist
without a will to think for one’s self.
There is a place in my head,
and I’d be better off dead,
than with it’s interminable tread
Grinding around my homestead.

Lover’s scars, they come without drawn blood but a wound to the heart. It’s just a time bomb waiting to blow. She goes mad with agony inside never knowing why. She thinks about him even when he’s not on her mind. He shot her dead on with a spectral bullet. Shot through the heart but no wound to be found. Even after penetration she never fell down. She stood tall and proud just waiting for that one cloud to cover the sun so she could hide from the world. She never thought anyone would find the shrapnel. She thought it’d be left inside forever until her savior at once came to be. He wiped away the cloud and said “no more hiding, it’s all said and done; embrace the warmth of our generous sun”

How foolish we are to wish upon a star
With light years drawn between us all. 
So many a wish claim a single sun; 
Rarely, yours is the chosen one.

I’m better off with a post-card to Mars. 
Where civilization may have thrived
With high hopes that a dweller took shelter
Before Armageddon arrived