Plastic Earth

A poem to express some of my views on the world we live in.

If love is not enough, then
I fear the world that awaits
When lust is the new “L-word”
and “Mi Amor” takes the bait.
Now, Do I need to advertise
like people magazine?
My traits, my flaws,
the sights I’ve seen
Do I need to take a test
for my sex appeal?
This world I fear has grown
to be everything but real.
Plastic lips, hair flips,
liposuction reconstruction
fallout from blowouts,
cancer stricken.
We do this to ourselves.
We deserve no remorse.
Fallacies galore.
Humanity has lost its whim
Soon enough
We will all fall to the floor
from poisoning ourselves
so willingly.
Like a lab rat
that turned in an application
citing experience in

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