Truthful Lies

Another installment from my High School daze… hehe

Truthful Lies taste bitter and sweet,

Like a soft snow turning to a cold sleet.

Don’t lie, you can tell the “truth”.

Tell him how shallow you’ve been

Even in your youth.

Tell him the time you cheated 

On his bed;

Tell him all of the nonsense

You put into his head.

He gave his life for you 

And asked for nothing in return.

His words fell silent as

You allow his heart to burn

You talk of a “nice guy”

Someone to treat you right.

But the nice guy bit

Doesn’t work twice.

Hot bodies and a

Popular guise

may be fly

But in the end it’s all

A bunch of truthful lies.

    • DefJawThePoet said:

      Thanks for that OM 🙂

      • No worries. A nice write. 🙂

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