Monthly Archives: September 2014

It saddens me that in this day and age, the majority of my generation cares more for what we display on the outside, rather than focus on the souls we stow on the inside. Until this trend diminishes, I do not see myself finding true love, but rather ignorant love.

Another note: If only we realized how full of shit each and every one of us really is, this world would be a better place

Is there no end to the guilt that I feel?

Do I blame myself for another’s yield?

If light means life then I must concede;

the darkness has found me, as daylight recedes.

It smears carbon black over eyes pearl white.

Concealing the pleasure, enforcing the blight.

The agony is a bore, life becomes a chore;

when all that I can fathom

is the day it ran me ragged.

It’s enough to kill a man, unrequited love.

It’s enough to keep his Winters frigid

and his Summers smoldering.

He’ll rarely feel comfort anymore.

At times a glimmer crosses his eye

and normality kisses his forehead,

then skitters off down the lane,

laughing as the man’s futile stride

stumbles over a storm drain

Collapsing to his knees,

cursing what’s left

Of his mediocre life.