Monthly Archives: July 2022

It was one of those nights you only dream about,

A scene in a movie you’d go a lifetime without.

Where everything was better than it had been in years,

With your eyes gleaming golden and music in my ears.

Yet somehow we fell apart in the days that followed,

You cut me off and handed me a bitter pill to swallow

And now I’m banging my heart against a wall,

It’s bruised and bleeding but I use it like a bouncy ball.

Because I don’t know how to stop running after you,

Even when my reflection in the mirror is black and blue,

I’ve been shooting off flares all week,

In hopes you’d find your way back to me.

Because it seems like we’re oceans apart,

Each day in exile continues to ravage my heart.

Memories of us when life felt perfect,

Haunt me like nightmares as I reflect,

On where things could have gone wrong,

When only weeks before we were humming along,

To a love song with the lights turned down low,

And your smile was the only thing making the room glow.

Now I lay restless in a pathetic drunken gloom,

Wishing I could be anywhere but alone in this room.

You can’t live in fear of the unknown or you risk never discovering it at all. Therefor Death is not something to be afraid of, as it is inevitable. We can only live to the extent that we find the greatness within ourselves and cherish it until our time comes.

There are times to be careful, such as guiding a vessel into a harbor, crossing a busy intersection, selecting a college major, caring for your parents in old age, or rearing a baby into adulthood. But there are times when you must seize opportunities before the fates have their say.

Years ago when I felt what I thought were Death’s cold fingertips in my hospital bed, it wasn’t death at all; it was my own fear of it consuming me. If I were meant to die, I would have been six feet under already. But I lived, and to live the rest of my life in fear of the inevitable, is to waste the time I have left.