Monthly Archives: June 2013

She’s takin’ the world, the world out of your hands.

She’s takin’ your soul, upon other demands.

She’s takin’ the dog, cause she ain’t got a heart

She’s takin’ your cd’s, and the only decent wall art.

She’s takin half of your shit, and still got the house

She’s takin’ the bbq pit, and the decorative Christmas elves.

She’s takin’ the pickup, ain’t leavin’ nothin’ for you

She just left with the kids, might as well down a brew

Or two, and piss on the Justice’s shoes.

She might say she’s “sorry Charlie.

can’t we be friends, my darling?

What we have, it’s too good to

Ruin with

Overzealous fawning”

That’s right, so

kick up a frown

’cause she aint lettin’ you down,


I can’t understand why

I keep chasin’ your tail

but if I keep running

will I catch up soon?

if I say that it’s “love”

will it heal the wound?

I don’t know why

you need a friend,

In me.

When you just pick me up like a pen,

With intent to make amends…


…Though, It’s all for naught

you just call upon me when you’re

back in town, back

when its my time to come off the rack.

‘Cause when you’re gone

my dreams leave with you.

just blank nights waking up without you.

you say you wish more were like me.

Yet you look in every direction but mine

I’m ready to surrender myself to your glow

just say the word then say no more

because ill surrender, ill surrender to you.

Nothing’s changed.
I’m still alien to the term “love”
It travels on another time line
Parallel to my own
Never to intersect or intertwine
Forever my bitter heart remains alone

Eternity awaits this lonely lover
Filled to the brim with guilt
Void of compassion
The will to love
Is no longer an oft-thought emotion.

I’m tumbling down a wishing well
A mason’s fairytale creation.
I’m tumbling down a wishing well
My past fortune’s glimmer, gracing
My eyes with a glimpse at a life
My soul just wasn’t made for.

Yeah I’m tumbling down a wishing well,
End over end
I’ve thrown my life down a wishing well
And not a damn thing’s changed.