Hope: In My Head

Hope is everywhere if you look for it.

It is in the green lights you get when you are late for a rendezvous.

It is a newborn baby’s cry, entering the world in a fit of confusion.

It is the seed sprouting its first tendril into the rich soil.

It lies at the bottom of a fountain resting with the desires of many.

Hope transcends in different form to all. But I find it of utmost importanceĀ to our human psyche, that we continue to hope in the eye of danger or uncertainty.

For the car you are driving may swerve uncontrollably, negating the lucky-light draw.

The babe may cease its cry due to a cause unseen by the practitioners.

The seed may soon be tainted with ghastly elements we pour into the earth.

And the coin you lay your dreams upon, may never be selected by the Gods.

We cannot allow ourselves to dwell upon those technicalities, for what will happen, will happen uncontrollably, sometimes inexplicably. But with hope, these negating possibilities needn’t bring us down. With hope, the negatives never shine through. They don’t plague our train of thought. With hope, we can simply look toward our desires and feel happy that they are even a possibility in this hectic world.

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