Tip Your Bartender By GlassJaw

I found a pretty cool video for this one. It takes the studio version and uses footage from live shows for a makeshift music video. I hope you enjoy! I’d give more of an explanation but I am functioning off of the few ounces of sanity I have while I fight through my cold/allergic conundrum.

Tip Your Bartender By GlassJaw

hit it one more time for our men in uniform
(with a price upon their heads).
this is a war.
bottoms up.
call it what you want,
the color changes up in the sun.
not throwing stones at you anymore.
your name’s in lights and I don’t wonder

all my X’s live with hexes.
this is why I hang myself
with jealousy upon a fence-post
half mast.
fashion: war between the guilty and
the guilty and the teen.
i’d like to die like mice do.
i’m crying in the beer of a drunk man.

buy it.
load it.
shoot it.

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