The Man Cold

A place of healing


more like

inevitable death

as I sit

in the room of

impending time

waiting like cattle

For a healer’s cry

To soothe my

inflamed throat and

runny nose.

Preliminary tests show


My height, average

My weight, improved!

The nurse was


Impressed too.

Oxygen levels strive

Blood pressure

Could be better

But hot damn,

I’m still alive!

Led to an examination

room flooded by

Fluorescent light

“The doctor will

Be with you

Shortly; will you

be alright?”

I don’t hold my breath…

Finally, a being

with a doctorate


To probe my mouth

and nose with

Stainless steel

And listen closely

To my airway’s rhythm

It’s “just a cold”

She says

“Go get some rest”,

You big baby.

At least the consultation

was free…

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