Oxycodone By GlassJaw

This is one of their songs that they had been experimenting with sort of a Blues/jazz/rock vibe.

I dig it for the slow going rhythm where you can just bob your head and almost fall into a trance. There isn’t a fun explanation for this song from Daryl as far as I know. So I scourged the web and read some other’s interpretations which have been similar to my own. So I’ll give a short version below.

As for the meaning, well you’ve gotta dig deep for that. And quite frankly, it seems as if he is talking to himself. Almost a verbal altercation between maybe his personal demons.

Although some others thought that he was writing about a band member who was once straight-edge but eventually fell into the path of drugs and alcohol.

If anyone has another take on this, feel free to chime in. It’s nice to hear other people’s opinions on GJ’s music 🙂 Now without further delay, I give you the lyrics.

Oxycodone By GlassJaw

Yes we have the audio
Amassing barriers
I oughtta know
for I’ve taken pills until it’s aerial
and yes contest with the best monetary order
you get the daughter
you can murder it
if you’ve heard of it
or you’ve purchased it in the showroom
but that’s not part of it
or at least not part of the book ’cause I’ve read it
and as for the film I’ve seen it
oh and I mean it
I am the prodigal son of involuntary order
or shit I taught em
on a strange man from a strange land
near japan trots a dog of war
who is sorting overzealous razor-wire wristbands
and he’s the bees knees
and if he sneezed please oversee this slight oversight for which he’ll fight
granted tonight’s the night
and if you feel it well then alright

would i lie to you?
yeah i’d like to
over and over
over and over
stand there laughing
but what for?

conceptual continuity
driven stewardly
i’m through with thee
my focus on the parody is new to me
you’re digging holes like you’ve forgotten how to swim
and taking orders like you’re my daughter

i like the night if you like the night
i love the night if there’s a general on my right
boy what have you become? you’ve become undone
and boy I’ve been there
a coward in the face of what you stood for
i’m dirt poor and still I’ve stood more
cause tonight’s the night and if you feel it alright, well

would i lie to you?
yeah i’d like to
over and over
over and over
stand there laughing
but what for?

i never eat the stomach, no
because you never know
what’s your prey’s prey and what’s its sign
astrological, anatomical, in the name of art
hosanna’s form
lipstick on the collar of a wed man
mystery travels in pairs
i ride sidecar
and i love company
and where is the daybreak from this date-rape?
please step back as i placate
history’s mystery fizzling sizzling shimmering glycerin glistening in the light
you’ll get your rocks off but you can’t stop girl tonight

would i lie to you?
yeah i’d like to
over and over
over and over
stand there laughing
but what for?

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