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It’s enough to kill a man, unrequited love.

It’s enough to keep his Winters frigid

and his Summers smoldering.

He’ll rarely feel comfort anymore.

At times a glimmer crosses his eye

and normality kisses his forehead,

then skitters off down the lane,

laughing as the man’s futile stride

stumbles over a storm drain

Collapsing to his knees,

cursing what’s left

Of his mediocre life.

Another installment from my High School daze… hehe

Truthful Lies taste bitter and sweet,

Like a soft snow turning to a cold sleet.

Don’t lie, you can tell the “truth”.

Tell him how shallow you’ve been

Even in your youth.

Tell him the time you cheated 

On his bed;

Tell him all of the nonsense

You put into his head.

He gave his life for you 

And asked for nothing in return.

His words fell silent as

You allow his heart to burn

You talk of a “nice guy”

Someone to treat you right.

But the nice guy bit

Doesn’t work twice.

Hot bodies and a

Popular guise

may be fly

But in the end it’s all

A bunch of truthful lies.

My heart knows not days, weeks, months or years.

It knows not the sub-zero Winter or the gale winds of Fall.

It knows not the pleasantry brought by another’s call.

It knows not the twilight before the darkness of night.

Nor the Rooster’s cry when sensed the sun’s faintest light.

It only knows of the warmth her porcelain skin emanates.

It only knows of the swift step in her royal gait.

It only knows of the smile that shatters inhibitions.

And of Cupid’s arrow, flying true to its mission;

urging miles traversed, only love could coerce.

All conscious moments lay still in a last embrace.

The scent of her hair, the glow in her eyes,

For nothing since has given reason to rise.

Years have gone by since I needed so bad to let go

My thoughts racing as I drive my ass home

I cant believe its been another night with you blown

I try to turn to my words while being confused by your own

(still cant get this shit straight)

I turned to the one thing always on my side (a puff then a rip… OH ease my mind)

Not much else to do when you are immune to my charm

And getting close to you is like leaping the great wall

An impossible feat; at least I’d give it my all

Yet here I am with my tail between my legs, cutting my losses and limping home

(feeling the need to be so numb, so gone, so blown)

Oh what a beautiful night with a shooting star so bright.

Only to find your face plaguing my mind

I suppose a wish would still make this moment right

A first chance? A second chance? Or to not give a shit anymore?

Option three is tempting, but I’ll wish for a fourth

This star came as a surprise, the same way you came into my life

And every time you come back, you leave without a goodbye

But do you ever think about your actions?

Or the consequences that will ensue?

I do every night when my thoughts find their way to you

But do your thing and push them away, that’s your chosen way

(Take a puff, mind at ease. why does thinking of you make me crazy?!)