Good VS Evil: Part 1

She’s so unbelievable.
I get chills just from her breath
(You fool she’s a GOD!
You are not worthy
Of her breast!)
I long for her caress.
Though, why wait?
(You lack a spine,
She craves a man
Not swine!)
Watch your tongue!
I am a part of this soul
You cannot overrule
A lover’s quarrel
For you lack compassion
Let’s not even start,
On your lack of morals.
(I am logic, you
Feign creation.
Now tell me who,
Lacks motivation?)
Love is all I require
It far outweighs your
Dictatorial desire.
It silences your call,
That is what you fear.
Ignored by your own captive
after screaming in his ear!
(You lie!)
Oh dear, is that a fly buzzing near?
(I’ll be back…)

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