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It was another fever dream
A bender loosening slowly,
Then tearing out the seam.

The yarn ain’t flowin’ true
When the tale has two ends
And it all ends in a feud

But what’s a man to do,
When his lover loves another
And no quick thinking
Will make it untrue?

What’s a man to do.

My heart knows not days, weeks, months or years.

It knows not the sub-zero Winter or the gale winds of Fall.

It knows not the pleasantry brought by another’s call.

It knows not the twilight before the darkness of night.

Nor the Rooster’s cry when sensed the sun’s faintest light.

It only knows of the warmth her porcelain skin emanates.

It only knows of the swift step in her royal gait.

It only knows of the smile that shatters inhibitions.

And of Cupid’s arrow, flying true to its mission;

urging miles traversed, only love could coerce.

All conscious moments lay still in a last embrace.

The scent of her hair, the glow in her eyes,

For nothing since has given reason to rise.


Writer’s note: I labeled this as “Take II” because it is actually a poem I wrote a very long while ago but I’ve recently looked it over and made a few changes.

In dreams we’ve enjoyed an enchanted embrace

As the sun set its waning glow upon the lace

At the fringe of your dress, dancing in the breeze

Casting delicate shadows as we glide with ease

To our own tune, humming sweetly as we go along

With no strings or conductor; who needs them for a song

About a love that knows no boundaries or potion?

Ours will rival and conquer the most cynical notion

That true love has faded in a world grown material.

Ours will rise above and prove itself ethereal.

With the sand beneath our feet, our spirits entwine

In a step so mystical it never feigns to be divine,

And soon passion may flourish, and romance may nourish

Your faith, that such grace, exists.

I can’t ignore, the smile you wore.

It breaks the sky

Into a blue heaven every time,

Even if only in my mind.

I know you can’t be here tonight, I won’t fright

I’ll keep my wishes flowing ’till daylight;

Shooting stars, 11:11

Snap the wishbone just to get keep them flowing.

One of them has to catch soon,

They can’t all be lies

Or else what am I fighting for,

if not a chance to be yours?

A chance to show what I can bring to your life

To show you that I can be wrong

and I can be right

Just a human at your service,

to break at will

Or embrace me with the heart I know so well

You are why my skies still hold their hue

With your smile, my troubled sky subsides to blue.

Writer’s note: This is simply a slightly altered version of an old poem of mine. I hope it is still relevant! Enjoy.

It saddens me that in this day and age, the majority of my generation cares more for what we display on the outside, rather than focus on the souls we stow on the inside. Until this trend diminishes, I do not see myself finding true love, but rather ignorant love.

Another note: If only we realized how full of shit each and every one of us really is, this world would be a better place

It’s early Fall, a morning streaked with overcast clouds and a slight fog just burning off into atomic form, a calm morning; no wind to speak of, no whisper of wisdom to give a sign of anything to come. I always liked these mornings best. They let me think freely with my head on the passenger window peering into an apparent Mobius strip; everything the same as it was the day before. Same action seekers soaring down the lane on their fixies, same freshie’s starting high school over-dressed, same jocks pushing around the unfortunate few (happy it wasn’t me), same stoners with the same spaced out expressions, same shit different day; I just hope something will happen. Some change of color, or brightness or transparency, whatever; a break in the strip. A change in my life, I sought. What it is I am looking for, I haven’t a clue.

Then I heard my dad, Bill, shout something from the driver’s seat. The guy’s got a hair trigger.

Whoa! How is she not freezing?! Look at those shorts. Daisy dukes in October? Uh-uh.” He sighed, shaking his head like any disapproving parent. “Kids these days.”

Wait who?…” I said, intrigued.

I glanced to my left where he was pointing. I saw her walking across the street towards the school; beige shorts (Not actual Daisy Duke length. Not even jean material. I questioned Bill’s knowledge of The Duke Family), a white blouse underneath a navy blue pea-coat , fair skin, and a gorgeous shade of wavy brown locks slinking past her shoulders.

She carried herself effortlessly. Unlike all of the dreary faces around us, bitten by the cold, tired from a homework load they still aren’t quite accustomed to; she stood tall, unafraid. I tell you, she could have fallen down from heaven for all I know. Are teenage angels common? Heh, better to leave that one alone I think.

For whatever reason I thought about the time I’ve spent in Sunday School learning about Heaven, Hell and the power of prayer. Those countless hours learning biblical mantras and eating Styrofoam wafers may have finally paid off. Maybe prayers do get answered once in a while.

Apparently I was staring away slack-jawed because my dad was trying to get my attention…

Hey, hey. earth to Gerry, come in Gerry” he snapped his fingers in front of my eyes. My daydream interrupted.

Um… yeah, weird. Never saw her before.” Smooth Gerry, real smooth. Bill grinned.

My eyes traced her path. I really had no idea who she was but she couldn’t be a ghost; we both saw her. Is her presence a sign? Are angels usually visible to humans? Is God trying to tell me something? If so, some instructions would be mighty helpful big guy!

My dad pulled into the parking lot as she was walking toward the administrative office and she looked my way; we met eyes for a moment. She smiled, I felt weird. I think I smiled back, I can’t be sure. My facial movements were foreign to me in that space of time. I wanted to be sick, but at the same time I wanted to dance and sing and write mushy poetry for her.

I cowered down into my seat, lowering myself out of view; better choice. It was too much; how is a teen supposed to deal with emotions he’s never felt before?! C’mon now.

I felt like a fool though. I hope she didn’t get a good look at me. I bet I looked like one bowing out like that. The opposite of what I need: Someone else to think I’m a freak. I took a quick peek, to see if I was in the clear. The office door was closing. I saw her figure disappear behind frosted glass; her silhouette swaying back and forth, back and forth….

Who could she be?” I mumbled to myself; louder than intended. Only now remembering where I was. Bill had a smile from ear-to-ear.

Well little man, it looks like you’ll have all day to find out. Now, get out of my car and learn something useful. Women don’t appreciate a dumbass. Just ask your mother, I’ve been trying to get her to appreciate me for fifteen years.”

Yeah, thanks pops. I’ll see you later. Good luck with Mom.” I gave my eyes a nice roll. Appropriate sarcasm requires appropriate sarcastic gestures: It’s just a fact of life.

Hey now! Don’t get sore on me. I say that with love little man. Just tryin’ to wake you up”

He smiled one of his ‘lighten up little-man’ smiles. I tried to copy and paste the expression. I probably just looked ill.

I got out of the car and glanced around like a frightened Prairie Dog just in case the specter-girl materialized behind me. She already came out of left-field once. In the clear ole’ boy.

My dad tooted the horn as he drove his puke green (he claims it’s British racing green) ’78 VW bug out of the parking lot. It drew a few snickering faces my way, a greeting almost: welcome back to high school Gerry, only three years left.

I walked on…

Let me fall in love, deep, into the stars which are her eyes

Where she ensnares my wandering heart as azure currents

Describe a vibrant path toward lustful insurgence.

Unleash the delicate, aromatic kiss of Aphrodite’s sigh.


Of wine and myrrh, pungent and sweet, inebriates and invades!

The soul of the damned and even the Gods’ holiest angel

She will rapt either, with a tender smile and limp wrist dangled

In her majestic strut, closing  in on helpless prey!


I say, let me be helpless! Let her come softly

Or pounce as I gaze, in frightened amazement!

Let her tear into my chest, find a most torturous lament

Silence its negating pall! Let life swim through my veins, swiftly.

I stayed up all night with her

Because that’s what she wanted
I cried because I cared
That’s what she wanted
In every word I say she feels comfort
Because it’s what she wanted
But what about a word from you?
That’s what i wanted
A loving smile
It’s all I wanted
A chance with you
Is all I needed
But when i look you’re never there

Okay, since Daryl, has quite literally a “one-liner” explaining the inspiration of the song; I’d like to give my side of the story as well.

Daryl- “Majour, is about legalized prostitution, to get back all the whores who broke your heart.”

For me, this song is about those few girls out there (same with dudes) who just can’t stay faithful to one person. And that their “lust” is what they call “love” that’s why I feel the “immature love” line towards the end is perfect. But, I am not nearly as poetic as Daryl, and I sort of wish it wasn’t about prostitution lol.

Majour By: GlassJaw

You only get one taste
And for this gift we are graced.
You only get one taste
And for this gift

Now let me go
So I can brag about the gifts that he stole.
(thank you) for all the lonely nights
I will carry this with me where I go.

Bad taste in my mouth.
You would think I’m a whore.
Bad taste in my mouth.
You would think I’m you.

You only get one taste
and for this gift we are graved.
You only get one taste
And for this gift
She’s likely to go,
Or so she’ll say.
We sleep as we do to keep our nights days away.
Or so she’ll say
Immature love
You breed immature lust!

So I died the virgin.
I have told you before,
you were nothing special to him
(and that’s just another thing that’s
Not new for you).

You’ll be born
You before.

Embody me
With your body
I’ve never seen it.
I have never.
Embody me
With your body.
I’ve never seen it.
Are you happy?