Motion of the Ocean

It would seem I have lost a few readers with my last two installments so I am hoping a bit of self-loathing will be enough to reclaim my followers. So I give you a poem with a slight nautical twist 🙂

This room, dark and cold.
Regret, Through my veins it flows.
Waiting for the morning light;
When I can put this shadow on hold

Breathing with ferocity
It’s darkness frightens me
But why can’t I see?!
Blinded by duplicity!

(The itch it slows, The sun has risen)

Thoughts produced are cynical
This sanctum drives me clinical
But what is a shy guy to do?
What is a shy guy to do?!

I just bottle these emotions
Inside they rage like oceans
A sea of thought
Crashes against my lips, it rips
Right through my bones, it hits
Like nothing ive ever known, And this
Tidal wave resides inside
With the tide I’m low and high
And what comes next, no one knows best
Im just along for the ride

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