The Puppet Show

Love has no expiration date
yet you stamp one regardless
You mix the feeling with hate
And fail to keep it harnessed
Blame the one you love
Or dont love at all
Seems to be the way you run
Love in the shape of a gun
You shot me just for fun!

you run them into the ground
You push them then wonder “how?”
Now let me explain
Your love means nothing!
With you its just pain!

(A pain you must refrain)
(If you want to take a ride)

I tried to let you know
You never listened
Caught in your own thoughts
Well mine were on a mission
Still I’ll feel sorrow
For the next man you borrow
with your Green eyes, inviting thighs
Lips that could Make an angel try
We never stood a chance
Trapped in a false prophet trance

At least he wont worry long
you’ll toss em out when he “does you wrong”
Then its on to another
Maybe his FUCKING twin brother!
After all any man is good for “bang bang”
Even ones with the same name
you can testify to that
I’ll pick a name out of my hat!

Now dont get me wrong
Im no perfect soul, though
I’d still try to make you smile
In my mind you’re running wild
All has lead me down the path
To internal virulent wrath
None which can be overturned
When will you ever learn?!

Tell me yes or no
Did he really have to go?
yes or no?!
what affection have you shown?!
“None” is the answer we all know
Just incase I’ll ask the one you blow
On second thought, I’ll wait
Soon enough he will know!
When he curdles like the milk you throw
You know his time is over
When the words he speaks grow mold
Is it time you let him go?
Take initiative, and end this puppet show

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