Two Jobs?! Who, me?

So today I start my second job at a Hobby shop in my hometown so I won’t be very active on my blog for the day. Don’t fret, for I will not be a walking zombie during work since working at a hobby store has been a dream of mine since I was a kid haha. Just think about it, I get paid to fly RC helicopters, play with games like Rock ’em Sock ’em Boppers and Mouse Trap and watch the “Company Dog” named Chloe, chase the micro helicopters as they ascend to the vast reaches of the low hanging ceiling. In short, Chloe is now a deadly warrior in the art of aerial warfare.

So with that boring nonsense, I’ll give you all one passage later tonight when I get off. WIll it be sad? Will it be happy? Will it even be a poem? Who knows, so stay tuned folks!

Oh and wish me luck! This is my first retail job after all 🙂

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