The Resurrection of my Dark Passenger

Since the Dexter series began in 2006, I was fascinated with the “Dark Passenger” concept and I wrote my own poem to reflect the battles I’ve had with my own “Dark Passenger”. Albeit without the murderous tendencies of Dexter in the actual series. I hope you all enjoy.

EDIT: In order to give credit when credit is due, I must also commend GlassJaw (Band) for inspiring me to write about my “Dark Passenger” in this light. If you listen to some of their music; you will see what I mean. 🙂

I’m dead you’re fed get out of my head!
How did you even get in?!
I was fine before you
Now I can never go back

You took the first shot
Injected your poison with urgency
My limbs they seize
Lips speaking of sin
Dark passenger resurrection 

(I was fine, now I pine my time)
(pine it away with a quick line)
(Take my tequilla with no lime)
(This time is mine to pine)
(for whatever time is left of mine)

This ghost I thought was dead
Waits to claim a bounty on my head
Hoofing and snarling
demands to take the reigns
This dark passenger
Returns in your name

Dont you see what you have done?!
You sing the song unsung
Now my soul is taken by another
A soul much darker than your mothers
It laughs at my attempts to pursuade
I try as my memories fade
trapped with one way out
It begs me to never doubt
“This is for the best”
“please take your last breath”
Do you hear Its words?!
“This is for the best!”
The fear it grows
“Take your last breath!”
of dying alone
“It was for the best”
Now my head is laid to rest…

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