My Heart


My heart sits beyond recognition

It has been mangled and tangled

Ripped, and shredded,

Molded back into form,

then torn apart, thrown asunder.


It has loved, it has despised.

It has been victim to lover’s lies

It has bled from wounds

Foolish love, eagerly supplies.

Yet it still beats, in shambles.


Is God trying to tell me something?

In its mangled form, is there wisdom?

Must I suffer from past transgressions

Before I can escape its suppression?

Have I not paid my dues?


If so, please know, I’ve tried.

Surely He knows what I’ve done

He knows of my sins,

He knows I’ve realigned, though

Is it not enough to derive


A forgiveness from his bosom?

Is it not enough to bare these pains?

Have I much longer to suffer,

before He shows me the way?

I am a lost sheep, take me home again.


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