Selfish Men

She was always an object to the men in her life

They would say she is beautiful, breath taking, their go-to line

They never truly appreciate what dwells inside her

The mind of a scholar, the heart of gold, the wit sharp as a dagger

She bares a treasure far greater than physical beauty

Yet she possesses Aphrodite’s essence in entirety

Still so much more lay beneath her ivory skin

So much more stowed behind her saint-like grin.

That what selfish-men worship as her exterior is but a vessel.

No matter how finely ornamented, or perfumed it may be

The truth lives deep inside, far from selfish men’s reach.

And if God may strike the next selfish-man blind, he may at last witness

Her words of wisdom caress his heart in a pure bliss.

For his vision no longer betrays, and she, loved as a whole

Not for the objects a selfish man too often beholds.

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