The Sun Never Shines On Closed Doors

I woke up today in the green fields of May, with you lying close to my face. As I ventured into your eyes something had closed behind them. You admit you’re shattered inside, that somehow there is no more light to be shown through your eyes.

“The sun never shines on closed doors” they say. Let me in and tell me of your sins, let the gentile blade of your finger cut along the stubble of my face, and I’ll show you I am no longer afraid of whatever may hide within. Let my rough hands be cleansed by the smooth silk of your armor and open your doors once more.

You brushed my hand away with a smile on your face, and I knew you couldn’t be opened so easily. We end with a sigh as we stare at the sky in these green fields of may, yet the sun never shines on closed doors.


Author’s note: This passage was inspired by Flogging Molly’s “The Son Never Shines on Closed Doors”. A beautiful song, speaking of the doors we close and the importance of keeping them open to the world. 

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