Don’t give up, they say, Be yourself, they say. What do you have to lose?… they say

Ask me why I ignore your knocks on my door. I wont be played like a drum anymore. Beat on another lifeless body you call a friend. And leave mine to defend whats left.

Of the soul you have tattered and torn. In the fields of lost dreams and unicorns. My fate towers over love in these skyline reveries; And when I awake the pain it follows me

It hurts more every day girl, Yeah it hurts more in every way. If you could just feel this pain… I can change, I have changed Just to hear you say yes, but its gone. Back to booze and cigarettes; I digress.

And no I wont help you anymore, no. Because I’m done with you girl, done. I’ve sacrificed my time and sanity, Just to hear the voice of serenity. But no I cant do this anymore. Make up your mind or get out of mine

No I don’t want your love, not anymore. It can’t be worth the pain, the remorse. All you have brought me was a cold soul. My family looks at me like I’m a damn ghost. I’m so empty you can see my heart strain. So leave me be, consider yourself free From the heart that would bleed eternally If you stayed in its life

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