To Be a Cynic

Note: This may look awfully familiar to some! I dug it up and took another shot at it 🙂

To Be a Cynic:

This wasn’t the bar for me.

I already knew when that

Burly gentlemen

With “security” on his chest

Told me to tuck in my shirt…

My fucking shirt?!.

Coming from a roided out


Taking admittance at a glorified dive.

Is it my appearance? Am I not human enough?

Does my vagabond hair make you squirm?

Are my trousers not haute couture?

For a crowd so shrewd and resentful

Would acquire even Dionysus’ spurn

“Don’t worry I’ll be outta here soon (asshole)”

The “asshole” was inferred…


It was a birthday party;

I barely knew the host.

I Met her at a party once

Since then she’s been a ghost.

She walks a fine line

Between a mere Human and


Wearing a little black dress,

Brown hair down,

And no makeup, unlike the rest.

Classy with the devil in her eyes.

Though, the music is too loud.

No conversation to be had.

Just jive with the music,

And nod as if you understand.

She doesn’t remember my name.

It’s cool.

I got you an adventurous book

And some wine,

For a rainy day.

The best taste without taking out a loan

Or so I’m told.

Enjoy it in your easy chair,

Near the fireplace, if you have one.

Or scatter candles everywhere.

If you dare…

Lose yourself in a fantasy world

Far away from our own

I long to go with you,

But it’s time for me to go home

A bitter-sweet ending

Saved from the DJ’s assault

Yet ripped from a heavenly sight

Because the cynic in me, rules the night

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