My elementary (by comparison) take on Aldous Huxley’s, Doors of Perception. Not by any means a repetition of what was written by him, but it is the way I feel most content viewing it.

Do not fear opening the doors of life. Within they conceal untold riches; a
world neglected by our manic desire for a normalcy created within our
biased ranks, only taking the path most traveled, through a gaudily
decorated corridor of all materialistic possessions and carnal desires we are
told to covet, a form of imprisonment. All there to tempt those reduced to
communal idealism into false emotional security, rather than explore the
realms which call to them singularly; an opportunity to truly see and accept
themselves as nothing more or less than Simply “alive”.

Though You would be a fool to not be cautious of what you may become, as
with every door you open, the unknown rears its head. You are aware of the
fear of leading yourself to potential oblivion, however, the focus
encompassing what lay ahead, what awaits you; the will to move on, to
“break on through to the other side” with no remorse, and no regrets, just a
pure, innocent passion to enjoy life as it exists as itself, not as we were bred to envision it. And
to experience those doors without the tainted approval of the public,
opening those port holes to infinite knowledge, refusing to close them as
we walk through. For we have limitless psychological capabilities and yet
so often, we ignore or are incapable (sometimes unwilling) of hearing the call.

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