A Jaw of Glass

Since I finally made an appearance at my FIRST GlassJAw show, held at the Glasshouse concert hall, I wanted to reblog a poem I wrote about the band to show my gratitude for them coming back to California for their 20th anniversary mini-tour. I feel honored; quite literally, to have had the opportunity of watching them live at one of the best venues on their schedule. AMAZING SHOW!

The Way it Goes

In high fidelity I hear

A ravaged man

Screaming at the world

He talks of razors and


And still finds time for

Clairvoyant discussion.

His symphony, an army.

A sentry for any circumstance.

Be it fighting relentless demons

Or his own rogue hands.

He is the ruler of dreams

No other man can.

I listen closely

To miss nothing.

A whisper, too far

I NEED more!


I crave more than deserved

Even then, it’s never enough.

Longing to live these tragedies

For my sorrow would finally be


Awaiting your next call to arms

Years in the making.

Touring roadie cars

Medication ritual to keep Your

Body an individual

To prevent the demon from

Unleashing a new heathen

Relapse, collapse

The story of your life.

I pray for your body

To repent the sickness

To return your health.

But I pray far too much

I’ve not control over

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