Paper Planes

A pleasant ode to a slang phrase…

I want to fly so high until my feet touch down

on distant galaxies where I face childhood dreams

in pools of stars retaining wishes of pain release

of love and greed; they will forever wade in me

I wake up from this cold and lonely dream

to be greeted with the warmth your smile brings.

Please go back to sleep, I’m stepping outside.

I’m on the way to proving humans can fly.

A simple process and an illusion of reality.

I will fly and the world will see.

With a paper plane, 

the stars become a


I take the last drag on my paper plane,

and wonder if it will send me flying again.

The engine is blaring, my target, the stars

I’ll be leaving without you, left a note

and a plane of your own so you can come float.

Ascend with me until they burn into the sun.

Grip my hand as we descend to mother earth.

Keep your eyes on the prize

grab each and every star

as we fall faster and faster

don’t miss a single one

we will change the world for the better

One wish at a time. 

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