Tomorrow’s GlassJaw installment…

I have hit some GlassJaw gold on the interwebs by finding Daryl’s personal explanation to some of the songs. So, I will present you with him quoting what inspired him to write the song that I will be posting tomorrow on my blog. I think I’ll start doing this from now on, or at least until I run out of quotes. Which may be before my GlassJaw arsenal has been exhausted. Anyway, here it is. I am giggling as we speak mulling over it all.

Daryl Palumbo-

“That deals with a girl who I had been with and had been my best friend for a couple years, but it got to a point where she moved away to college and had grown out of me as a phase in her life. I didn’t appreciate being treated like a phase that was to be progressed through. So she decided that drinking and becoming a frat girl was more important to her than me. She decided that I was a lifestyle and that she had grown past me. I wasn’t too into that and that’s pretty much what it’s about. I don’t drink myself so, to be beaten out by a fuckin’ bottle wasn’t too hip by my standards.”

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