Good VS Evil: Part 2 The Role Reversals

(So, dear child

Tell me what it is

you so resent?)

You are just an infestation;

A ghoulish soul I must repent!

You reap what others sew

Your ploys, caddish distractions

To enforce a fatal blow!

(Oh haha, How foolish you are

To think I’d bare your skin

A festering scar.

I’ve saved your life you know?

Remember those nights

Out on your “Lonely Road”?

You would rev to the limit

Put your conscious on hold.

But it was I who hit the brakes

Before the bend swallowed you whole!)

You had no RIGHT!

It was MY destiny to unfold

Be it high-speed mutilation

Or bottled scripts on hold

It was mine to decide

Not your hand to fold!

(Be that as it may

You speak no sense today

You cry for love, though

One cannot love

Beyond a hallowed grave

I gave you new life,

Your soul I fucking saved!

Now you accuse me of scrutiny? 

That I have misbehaved?!)

I, I, I, I don’t know what to say

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