The Letter I Wrote To GlassJaw

This was not just some rhetoric to try and get through to them; I meant every word. And I hope they receive it in kind and are at least willing to contact me to explain why they might not be able to do so or to get my e-mail address so they can obliterate my mind with all of the missing words through out their songs that the human ear just can’t distinguish. Those layered lines that leave me wanting more. And this is the first time I’ve even tried sending them any type of communication because I always thought it’d be useless considering their potential incoming volume they have to deal with. But I did it anyway. Because they do that to me: Make me want more.

My Letter To GlassJaw:

I have an honest request. I am a dedicated follower of all things GlassJaw, however, I continue to be flubbed on the internet when trying to find the lyrics to all of your songs. You see, I run my own blog and I have been introducing my followers to one GlassJaw song per day in an attempt to show others the music that has helped me through the roughest parts of my life. So far, I have been able to dictate the lyrics while listening to the songs, but I know for a fact I have missed some words, or phrases here and there. So please, from an honest fan, is it possible to send the original lyrics to me?

The online lyric websites are a travesty to your bands name and I intend to eradicate the false representations of your music. Please, if you can help, I would be forever grateful. You are why I continue to walk this earth. Without GlassJaw, I may have let myself go long before.

Best regards


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