Red lipstick, wet lips stick

To his own in deflection.

Don’t risk it, she’s wicked

You can taste the poison.

Tensions rise with a paring knife

A sign on his back

in the mirror, “Insert here”

She laughs

He shouts to an empty room.

“You coward,

You’ll be back!”

She’s gone, you’ve just cracked.

    • warninghugeass said:

      yes, sometimes they let you see what you want instead of what you fear

    • warninghugeass said:

      Thank you for the positive reinforcement. This was new territory for me as far as my writing style goes and I am glad it has found some acceptance 🙂

  1. Rahburt said:

    No problem. Always nerve-racking huh when you step out in to new territory. Good for you 😉

    • warninghugeass said:

      Indeed it is never easy. Although WordPress and its users have all helped me find my voice. Albeit entirely digital.

      • Rahburt said:

        I agree. The people here are uncharacteristically nice and supportive. Come on real world, take notice, ha.

  2. warninghugeass said:

    I think that is a perfect way to describe the general population indeed. And yeah, seriously, the real world needs some schooling. lol

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