“Love” is the Key


I have never felt this way before.
An overwhelming emotion,
That my words may not reward.
They will tear me apart before
I can speak through clenched teeth.
A feeling as relentless as
The pounding in my chest.
From a heart that has lost itself,
in the maze which is my mind.
Yearning to break out from
A body that keeps it shackled.
Locked away without the love it cries for.
Still, it beats with vigor, no matter,
Its fate assured.
Instead it makes me write these pages
Filled with moments at its weakest.
Hoping these bleak reminders be
Enough to tempt its warden.
“Set me free, let my soul say what it needs
Let me fall in love and fall away
Into the stars which are her eyes.
Where the thought of her touch
Is enough to last me the night.
Keep the darkness from a heart
That has seen the path to light.
For every moment spent in the shadows,
The memory of her smile still shines bright”
Yet my mind keeps its pace,
while my feet stay planted.
Remaining stagnant in the shallows of my soul.
Wading in a pool of memories wrought.
Where my dreams can’t find their way to you.
No being has brought me to this point
When return is just an afterthought.

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