An Excerpt From My Wannabe Novel: take 2

He had a sort of unhinged excitement in his voice when speaking with this girl, his best-friend. Never for a moment did he take his eyes off of hers as she let words flow out of her mouth like a genteel waterfall, floating down into his ear canals; burrowing continuously her name into his head… Elaine Moore, or Ellie, as Gerry would call her.

No, Gerry had not harbored these feelings since they were kids. No, he was a young man going through mental and physical changes. Some call it “puberty”, and others may call it “high school”. And he had only begun to see what the female race could do to affect his demeanor. Ellie, was the only one who sent him so far beyond the limits of emotions that he never thought possible. But having Bella, as his rowdy girlfriend wasn’t a bad 2nd place. No matter how vigorously Bella, had tried to please him, Ellie had always taken the top slot in his priorities. Goodness she was a love-sick puppy, and Gerry was absolutely blind to the destruction he was causing Bella. She may have been one to run-around on guys before, but she always said that something about Gerry, made her feel like she could never be hurt by him. That he was the epitome of a modern chivalrous man. Never did she think once of reconnecting with one of her old flames. In her eyes, they were all minced meat compared to Gerry. But this was still OUR Gerry. The skinny, lanky, dorky, child. And boy did she adore him. Nothing could have prepared her for the end.

It wasn’t until the day that Ellie, left for her new destination that Gerry realized how much he truly cared for her. No longer as just a friend, but a suitor. He was going through an unmistakable change from a disinterested card-holding, he-man woman hater, to an intellectual lover overnight.

He realized how much he truly ached to hear her voice reverberating in his ear drums again without the aid of the copper wired telephone lines. How he longed to touch her lips with his own; even if a kiss would be too much, he would do with a touch of her hand against his. Just something to break the physical boundaries that only now seemed so formidable.

But where did these feelings come from? Surely, Gerry did not know himself. He assumed that since she had turned into a full-blown hotty- seemingly over the summer- (for lack of a better term) that he was simply becoming sexually attracted to her. With his reasonable mindset, this was all he chalked it up to be. But still, something ached deep inside him night and day so long as their distance apart remained the same. And soon he would have to either act on its call, or forever let it fall silent. Again, as much the man of reason he attempts to be, he cannot find a reasonable end for this situation. And in turn, he vowed to one day secure the hand of his true love, or potentially watch their friendship die in the wake of catastrophe.

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