Just Friends: a slow death

Heart beat’s racing faster
Staring at my “Angel Eyes”, it
Sets my mind up for disaster.
Wishing I could run for miles.
Still I stepped into her limelight;
Waging war on love I’d never won.
Wishing I could run.
Instead I find those emerald eyes
Glaring, until this pain subsides
Knowing this could never last
I kneel down and take her hand;
I can’t stay, “just friends”
It’s not the way I wished “us” to end
I don’t need a friend
I can’t take the way he makes you feel.
Breaking a heart that never heals
From burns his words have made;
Turning to scars that never fade.
While I pick up the only pieces left
Like an obedient love-struck slave.
Never misbehaved.
No more than a maid.
Not knowing why I wasn’t enough
Consumed the hope I’d never lost
From compliments you’ve made
To looks you swore you never gave
Your poison sunk into my veins
Lacing this knot in my blackened heart
Still hung by strings you conduct.
 Sure I swore I’d always love you;
But this feeling’s fading fast
No longer is it enough to say “I do”.
A phrase I know to be overused.
The truth comes in a flash.
Four years of friendship, fades to black.
But girl you know I tried.
I laid my heart across the line.
Still  it’s not enough.
Ran outta luck.
It’s not enough.
The last petal’s plucked;
She loves me not.

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