I Am America

I would like to lighten the mood this time ’round by letting you all see my FIRST ever graded poetry assignment. Okay sure, it’s not my FIRST EVER POEM. But it is the first one that my Sophomore English teacher allowed the students to have free reign and didn’t limit our vocabulary by allowing us to vent frustrations in the form of profanity if need be –only if it was used appropriately and not simply taking advantage of the opportunity– . The topic was “being an American” and what that specifically meant to you. Here is my version

I am America

I have the right to be free

The right to be me

No limits on what I say

If they try I’ll make them pay

No matter what you do,

The president won’t give a damn about you

I am free

No one will take it from me

You don’t believe me?

Then look at all the people in Iraq dying

Or, coming home to see their family crying

What’s a life to him but another dime?

He says he gives people everything but never any time

I am free

No democracy for me

Because dying for him is like a sin

I am an American

Free to roam the lands

Free to graze the sands

Free to break the laws as I choose

He can’t tell me what to do

No matter where or when

I won’t condescend

Not for his government

I’d rather pitch a tent

Or live in Willow Glen

I won’t give in

Not for him

Fighting for a nickel off the gas price?

He’s skating on thin ice

As a kid I watch the bombs falling,

Troops crawling

Dodging another bullet

It’s bullshit

Risking their lives for a guy

Who just watches his country die

Working for him is like rolling a pair of dice

You either get the Snake Eyes or you score a six twice

Nothing more to say

I realized I was free today.

I am an American

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