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In vaults of fathomless obscurity

Where Destiny has sentenced me for life;

Where cheerful rosy beams may never shine;

Where, living with that sullen hostess, Night,


I am an artist that a mocking God

Condemns, alas! to paint the gloom itself;

Where like a cook with ghoulish appetite

I boil and devour my own heart,


Sometimes there sprawls, and stretches out, and glows

A splendid ghost, or a surpassing charm,

And when this vision growing in my sight


In oriental languor, like a dream,

Is fully formed, I know the phantom’s name:

Yes, it is She! though black, yet full of light.


Written by Charles P. Baudelaire

If time stood still your first kiss could last forever. Arms wrapped around each other with the aromas of both bonding like hearts do when lover’s lips touch for the first time. The glow of her smile would never dull, the softness of her skin would never fold. Her bright green eyes would beam at night. And his flowing words would forever be heard. If only time stood still.