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This song doesn’t have a fun quote from Daryl, himself so I’ll go ahead and introduce this badboy. To me, this song is about finding out the hard way that you and your “lover” are falling away from each other at an alarming rate without a damn thing you can do other than embrace it and muster up a “You bitch” in the process… Enjoy it all of you lovers out there. For this may just be your fate someday.

When One Eight Becomes Two Zeros By: GlassJaw

I’m glad that you’re near.
And I’m sad that you’re here.
This is what it’s like to be me.
I’m glad that you’re here
And I’m sad that you’re near
This is what it’s like to die alone.

This all hurts me so much
That I honestly believe
you’re the one this is hard for.
I’ve bartered tact for wit
and I’ve already made up
A billion stories about you.

Knee deep in static
I hear you breaking up
I’m breaking up,
I guess we’re breaking up.
You’re not the other woman
You’re just another (woman)
Another hobby for a guy like me.

You’ve given me a heart like a gun
And I’m so shocked that I’ve made it through
These billion days.
I didn’t think I could tough it out all those days
A billion.

So we’re growing?
I’m sure.
“there’s no other I can turn to.
There’s no other I can turn to.
If not you heart
who else can I believe?”

I hope you enjoyed dying alone.