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Every part of your body resembles something of the Shoreline Sunrise; your hair is the soft white sand gleaming in the rays of the newly awoken sun. Your eyes are the warm solar radiance as it rises above the frigid air of night. Your skin, as gentile as the soft blue sky that awaits. Your lips, curl like the waves setting on the ocean shore. And the glorious sound of waves colliding brings me back to the day we first kissed in such a heavenly setting. And as our waves collide, they create a mist where the sun reflects its majesty in a rainbow nearly as beautiful as the woman who stands before me.

Eventually, everything settles as the sun sets behind a purple horizon. The sand turns dull once more, the sky turns black, your eyes will close, but you are still in my arms, your breast rising and falling with the ebb and flow of the tide.  That is how I know the sun will rise again in our paradise. It is how I know the sand will be warm and soft once more, and the waves will awaken as you rise from your slumber and we embrace as lovers do.

Though, this will have to wait, for now I am awed at your beauty in your subtle slumber. Goodnight my love, goodnight, for soon our lips will reunite. We will awaken the sun and release its ethereal starlight.