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It’s not her velvet touch that pulls me in,

Or the curves that flow from head to toe.

It’s in the words she speaks as I eagerly listen,

It’s the galaxy within that makes her glow.

In a million years, I might never discover,

Every planet and star that makes up her soul.

But I would spend my days trying to uncover,

The mysteries that keep me coming back for more.

I met her at the crossroads.

She strode in like a pristine petal

Riding easy on a western breeze.

Strands of midnight flowed

Like shadows beneath a straw hat

Framing ethereal chestnut eyes

And a smile like Venus

Able to shatter any man’s guise.

Alone at last I pray for night.
But in the night I fear day-light.
For the day brings nothing but madness my way.
The fear of hearing what they will say
Makes the daylight last forever and
The nights turn quickly into days.
This bleak soul I thought had gone,
Has only stowed away; in the back of my mind.
Waiting for a chance to reveal…
…you say I look sad, but sadness is not my downfall.
Only fear in not knowing what my future holds.
Fear of failing once again, failing you.
The future is my darkness.
And no sun nor star can spark the flame.

When you look into the night sky I can see something shining,

As if the stars are looking back and actually smiling

At your long golden hair, and on this spring night

A pleasant smile you share

Because no one comes close, at least not by little

For you are one of a kind, like a flower’s first petal 

You bloom with the sun and soak up the rain

You send my heart miles high and destroy my disdain

If a flower, so subtle, can cure me so well.

why must you leave when my heart starts to swell?

Still Winter passes by and Spring will come soon.

Then again the subtle flower will bloom

Though, if only Spring began when Winter howls,

The flowers of spring would be tall as towers.

Seasons are not eternal, they soon become our past.

Yet every moment with you will forever last. 

Years have gone by since I needed so bad to let go

My thoughts racing as I drive my ass home

I cant believe its been another night with you blown

I try to turn to my words while being confused by your own

(still cant get this shit straight)

I turned to the one thing always on my side (a puff then a rip… OH ease my mind)

Not much else to do when you are immune to my charm

And getting close to you is like leaping the great wall

An impossible feat; at least I’d give it my all

Yet here I am with my tail between my legs, cutting my losses and limping home

(feeling the need to be so numb, so gone, so blown)

Oh what a beautiful night with a shooting star so bright.

Only to find your face plaguing my mind

I suppose a wish would still make this moment right

A first chance? A second chance? Or to not give a shit anymore?

Option three is tempting, but I’ll wish for a fourth

This star came as a surprise, the same way you came into my life

And every time you come back, you leave without a goodbye

But do you ever think about your actions?

Or the consequences that will ensue?

I do every night when my thoughts find their way to you

But do your thing and push them away, that’s your chosen way

(Take a puff, mind at ease. why does thinking of you make me crazy?!)