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Since I find myself awake at 3:15AM, thinking… I thought it’d be nice to share something from Frank Sinatra. I’m not sure who actually wrote it; there were several writers responsible for the ballads. But I’m just glad they gave it to Frank to sing 🙂

In The Wee Small Hours; performed By: Frank Sinatra

In the wee small hours of the morning

While the whole wide world is fast asleep

You’ll lie awake, and think about the girl

And never think of counting sheep.


When your lonely heart has learned its lesson.

You’d be hers if only she would call.

In the wee small hours of the morning.

That’s the time you miss her most, of all.


When your lonely heart has learned its lesson;

You’d be hers if only she would call

In the wee small hours of the morning.

That’s the time you miss her most, of all…

Today I thought I would expose one of my favorite pieces of writing that I have been slowly working on for about a year. It was first intended to be a song, yet my musical talent is wanting. I guess the only reason I continued writing it was in the hope of one day becoming an overnight vocalist. Alas, this did not happen. So, this brings me to what I really wanted to say…

I have a challenge for all you kind humans of the blogosphere or whatever means were used to view this blog. More particularly the musically inclined sector. I would like YOU to take the lyrics below and make them into something. It doesn’t matter what sort of music you put behind it (although I always imagined Frank Sinatra bellowing the tune in a smoky room) or how you sing it. I would absolutely love to see something made of this. If you want to rework the words to make it more “melodic” go for it.

For me, it doesn’t feel complete in its static form. I want to feel an eargasm from something I helped make. Even though the musical tune will be all you! So please, if these words mean something to you, and you have the ability to do something with them, then I give you full reign. The only thing I ask is credit for penning the lyrics.

I hope someone out there can make it happen. 🙂

Her Forbidden Kiss I can’t resist.

The benefits outweigh the risks.

I’d drive for days and walk through nights;

Just for a lift, from her lips, to new heights.

Here we sit, on this lazy Summer ‘noon

In the meadow, watchin’ the flowers bloom

And my lips, they croon, a lofty tune

In July, my oh my, this here July.

Soon my serenade entangles in the breeze

It carries through languid branches,

hung from sycamore trees

Spreading hope to those still blinded by lust

Lost in translation or failure to trust

Oh, the sights these forests reap. 

Surely’d turn you red in the cheek

For lover’s embrace’s no stranger to,

Mother nature’s reach

Oh how she melts when our eager lips meet

Knowing mere mortals can shine brighter 

Than the sun she concedes.

In the green fields we lay frozen, a moment for eternity

Locked in a gaze, my inhibitions she razed.

But my soul shattered…

For soon reality steals the grin from a saint

Her words become stone as “goodbye” escapes rouge lips

I refuse with melancholy eyes. My cries,

fell irrelevant. Here in July.

She must be on her way. Her train due back in May.

So why do I die inside? How did I lose my pride,

On that fateful day? When love was in the air.

Dancing merrily to the song my heart did bare.