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Like a predator lurking in the dark, you surprised me.

With razor sharp talons that sunk into my soul

And teeth of sharpened ivory, strong yet elegant

Gripped at my neck in tender suffocation

Like a predator lurking in the dark, you found me.


Like the swift winds of Fall, you breezed through my heart

tickling with tendrils my ventricles to ease the suffering

Brushing along the scarred tissue beneath leathery skin

You took me by the hand, and lead me to my slumber

Like the swift winds of Fall, like a shot through my heart.


You were the song of angels flooding my every thought

Invading dire moments with hope and tranquility

Your voice makes life like lemonade, so sweet

With a bite at the end, with a chill in my cheeks.

You were the song of angels, in every thought, entranced.


Like the warmth of a midsummer’s night, you sheltered my head

In the crest of your breast, stroking my hair with your radiance.

You lull me to sleep in this bed you’ve made.

With your linen and throws and the down plumed and billowed

Like the warmth of a midsummer’s night, you let me rest my head.

Memories shown dark

Pushed into the depths

Of my subconscious

Waiting to flood my dreams

To torture a ragged mind

There is no resisting

Even in the writing

Portraying her terribly

Sullying my image

Of her past presence.

Still a peaceful sleep

Evades me, with constant

Threats to unravel my progress

The glue has no time to set

As Autumn’s dawn hastens west

My attempts range wide

Twisted and relentless

Still the dreams, they

Never go away

How can I make them

See things my way?

What is the point of breathing in,

when a mournful sigh is all that follows,

Tumblers of sparkling gin, a dopamine binge

simply numbs a heart so hollow…

devour the flower until eyelids cower

toward the hours of unconscious slumber

For reveries ne’er dwell in a haze

Induced by malevolent power