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In the end I’ll open with

an empty harmony,

a soul-less riff

to show how much

or rather how little

I care for your

enchanted riddles that

keep me up

’till the break of


…just another of your



fore light cannot shine

on curtains drawn.

Though you,

Strive in the darkness

You live to feed on,

the weak-willed

the “cheap-to-thrill”

with a knockout punch

and legs straddled cowgirl

you’ll roll the lifeless body

down a rocky hill


another victim of a siren’s will.

It all sounds like a broken record
When you say that it’s the distance;
No, long distance.
Or did we just grow distant?
Because I have heard this all before
From the mouth of a siren by the shore
Dragging me to the frigid depths
A last caress, to compliment a final breath.

You call off the search before the body’s unearthed.

You know of its resting place yet you are silent.

You call off the search, citing impossible circumstances.

But what do they do? They follow the silent whore.

Chasing the sound of a Siren at work.


Only you could have purged his demons.

Yet you threw away the key.

You had a knack for condemning a true lover.

Sending them to the gallows for terminal affection.


Alas, not even a pitiful tear wet your steely eyes,

as you pulled the lever stiffening the rope

with a deafening crack. And you laughed.

You still laugh to this day. “He had it coming”

You dare say.