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You might have loved me, for a moment,

That day you read what I wrote to you,

when you were beside yourself with


You’ve never been talked to that way,

you said to me.

“why are you always so good to me?”

you asked sweetly.

“Because I love you”

I said, with a swollen heart.

“I love you too!”,

You beamed with emphasis,

but it must have been,

only for a moment.

Because all things fall apart,

When they’re held together with,

Stars and heavy heart.

I audition for the role of rejection
3 years and counting facing my reflection
This has to end at least let us pretend
That nothing has ever happened
It will never happen to us in the end

But don’t say you’re sorry now
It’s too late, Apologies wont help
Come to think of it, they never did
Just put me further back on your shelf
Every so often you clean the dust off
play with me, you break me, replace me

Though just when It feels right time runs out
3 months, my window, flying past
2 months wasted, will these moments last?
1 month left, Could this get any worse?
time is up, your direction is forward
Ill be hanging back