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Lately the only true peace I have known

is what I feel when I’m driving alone

with the moon gleaming like a diamond

In a dark sky as the world slows down.

In that moment is where I exist,

never lost or thought to resist,

I simply drive as I wave goodbye

to the tumult of the day,

praying that tomorrow,

humanity might find its way

To a place where we all find that peace

where love conquers hate.

but hoping for it doesn’t help

when the only way is change.

When his subconscious finds difficulty in accepting their reality

The will to feel real overshadows the clapping seal embodied.

Such a good boy, such a kind boy, his A-list grin fool’s so many

Such a patient boy, such a clever boy, his mind tormented, trembling.

At the thought of life in servitude, wrought from our fore-father’s vain;

Attempts at instilling moral values, to condemn the “insane”.

The leaders we trust to forge a path, forge their own into fame

And leave us hopelessly, inexplicably, thrusting for the same.