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The soothing balm of cool night air

Kisses the wrinkles of our furrowed brows,

As we stand motionless in our bubbles,

Single file under the dazzling marquee,

Waiting to release what haunts us.

Outside we are still singular,

We don’t mingle, don’t touch.

But when the music begins,

We are an amalgamation,

Of varied walks of life,

Swaying together in concert,

With the beat of the drums,

And the melody of the vocals.

It brings us together,

Regardless of status or creed.

For one night, to your left and your right,

Stand allies in the fight.

In dreams we’ve enjoyed an enchanted embrace

As the sun set its waning glow upon the lace

At the fringe of your dress, dancing in the breeze

Casting delicate shadows as we glide with ease

To our own tune, humming sweetly as we go along

With no strings or conductor; who needs them for a song

About a love that knows no boundaries or potion?

Ours will rival and conquer the most cynical notion

That true love has faded in a world grown material.

Ours will rise above and prove itself ethereal.

With the sand beneath our feet, our spirits entwine

In a step so mystical it never feigns to be divine,

And soon passion may flourish, and romance may nourish

Your faith, that such grace, exists.

Trust No One-

Trust No One

Verse 1:

The more that I live the more i have given the more that i see no one really gives like me the more friends i get the more friends i loose the more that i give the more that i get used


If you don’t ever wanna get hurt if you don’t ever wanna be let down if you don’t ever wanna feel stupid trust no one, trust no one

Verse 2:

You may surround yourself with people who are good but people never stay good like they should they might be the one your loving they might be your favorite cousin they might be your best friend and say they’ll be there to the end but the more that i live the more that i know the more that i see the more that it shows


If you don’t ever wanna get hurt if you don’t ever wanna fall in love if you don’t ever wanna live fully trust no one, trust no one

Verse 3:

The more that i live the more that i cry the more that i know everybody lies the more they let me down the more i wish i didn’t keep them around


cuz I’m really getting tired of getting hurt and i really don’t like to be let down but you don’t really wanna be like me i trust no one, trust no one I trust no one, I trust no one


Im not telling you to hold back in fact you should give everything your all I’m just warning you to watch your back cuz people would love to see you fall

Verse 4:

if all your friends have turned all shady and mistrust has got you crazy know theres one above who holds all the love and he trusts you to pull through when there is no one left to trust trust yourself be your own help trust no one trust no one cuz people they’re only human its simple trust no one, trust no one

Because of my love for Nerdfighteria and all they believe in, I had to share this beautiful original song by a young Canadian artist whose name is Laurena Segura (A fellow Nerdfighterian) You can get her released songs on iTunes 🙂 Enjoy!


Sometimes I feel like I am permafrost
Alone in the tundra and really lost
And to think that this is how I feel
Like the ground is melting and nothing’s real

And in the taiga everybody knows
That you shouldn’t wander where the hemlock grows
When the land is vast and the wind blow fast
Will you stay with me if the darkness last?

I know I have nothing to give so may as well give up and live

You say I’m breaking your friends heart
But meanwhile you’re tearing mine apart
So stop asking me if she loves you back
If it’s charm you have then it’s courage you lack

But I want your love and I want it now
I’d ask you for it but I don’t know how
I want to hold you tight and I want to now
I’d say I love you but I don’t know how
It’s done X2

And I remember when we rode the bus
Through the boreal forest and the winter must
I put my head on your shoulder but you moved away
I said I wasn’t tired anyway

And I pretended that I didn’t care
But I hid a few tears behind a lock of hair
And I was tired and I needed sleep
So I swallowed my pride and I changed seat

So I’d rather you make up your mind
A little faster, you’re such a waste of time X2

And you wanted more but you needed less
‘Cause you think that you’re better than the rest
And I wanted less but I needed more
‘Cause you left all I had on the forest floor

And In the mixed forest with the lakes galore
You always left me wanting more
And in the mixed forest with the lakes galore
You left my heart on the forest floor

I know I have nothing to give so may as well give up and live

This song always brings me to the very brink of bawling my eyes out at the end. It’s just the way he sings it. It shows the writer’s vulnerability: Daryl Palumbo, in this case. It’s been known/believed (I never could ask personally) that he was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease after years of touring with GlassJaw. And if anyone knows how that goes, it is a pretty terrible way to live life until you get it under control with medication and regular doctor visits. It’s been rumored that he was forced to wear a diaper during some of his shows just in case any discharge occurred. Which in-turn, forced them to tour less frequently and now it seems like they only do a few shows per year. But their followers have never lost faith. I still thank him for giving us his music.We all are dedicated to what he has provided us. Instead of holding it inside forever.

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Silence BY: GlassJaw

That burning feeling.
Red liquids.
Clear liquids.
Blessed are the sick.
Children shiver in the river.
Where is our god now?
Does he watch over all in El Segundo?
He don’t lie when he say,

I’m wasting away.
I find time to pine.
When pining away my time.
Within sin.
With no redemption.
We will find our souls
and the shells they’re kept in
all wasted away.

Blessed are the sick in me.
The prey, the thrill, the chill and we
are martyrs that crumble on time.
We’ll stop upon dimes.
And he’s constructed us all in El Segundo,
as the shivering children pray.

Demons in
Demons out.
Cry for dawn.
I’m the matador of the children’s ward.
Beggars wed choosers.
Red sheets.
Bed sheets.
I’m the head fan.
Blessed be my bed pan.

It’s a cold, having just been mugged feeling.

In the sun
I’ve got this for you
It’s under my finger nails.
I brought this for you.
It’s typically Sunday.

I’m digging a hole.
I’ll shut out the world.
This is what it’s like to be alone,
This is what it’s like to be alone…

Here I have my favorite song from the group, probably because it has the most meaning for me. I’ve been cheated on before, though not in such a dramatized fashion. Alas, it bittersweet when you catch them in the act. And is something you may never forget. Enjoy…

Ape Dos Mil: GlassJaw

Yeah it’s over you can bet in mid-October I will still be ranting ‘bout most early may. Yeah he’s a winner, he’s a goddamn sinner while he dines I’m on the wrong side of the day and I say “I don’t understand why I’m fumbling after. You’re the reason I cannot forget this season or the letter when you first referred to it. And I said…

It’s all calypso, but it’s not easy you know. You walk around with your shoulders down, it’s not easy to know. Yeah it’s over you can bet when mid-October ends I will still be ranting ‘bout most early May. See yeah he’s a winner he’s a goddamn sinner while he dines I’m on the wrong side of the day and I said “I don’t understand why I am fumbling after. Yeah you’re the reason I cannot forget this season or the lesson how an ape shall not kill ape. And I said…

It’s all calypso but it’s not easy you know. You walk around with your shoulders down frowning it’s not easy to know. It’s just the tango, but it’s not easy you show. I walk around with my horns out now but it’s not easy to know.
I, I, I, I am going under. I’m going under. I’m going under. I’m going under…

You can’t trust a man who’s your governor; ape can’t trust man. You can’t trust a man who has got it all, ape can’t trust man. You can’t trust man.

It’s all calypso, but it’s not easy, you know. You walk around with your shoulders down frownin’ it’s not easy, you know. It’s just the tango, but it’s not easy you show. I walk around with my horns out now but it’s not easy to show.
How could you win if you don’t ease back the blame? Knowing you’re right, won’t you win?

So, I only got one “like” from my last GlassJaw installment and although I am ecstatic that she enjoyed the song, I feel that not many people gave them a solid chance. So I give you another song to try and sway the vote. This one is a fast-paced, love-hate song about the singer’s Ex-GF. Or so it is to be assumed. I’ll post the lyrics as well so if you don’t want to listen, you can at least read 🙂

Who you fucking now?
I use my slit wrist
to sign my name with
And when you can’t compete with the Joneses
You cut ’em all down (even the father)
You fucking whore!
Shut up and swallow my pride for me, go.
Move closer and drive further.
So why don’t you suck on the end of this dick that comes lead
But first I’m coming after you all!!!

It’s ladies night at the bar
And she smokes a man’s cigar
I guess she’s dying,
Oh well. Pfft.
I don’t give a fuck about your dignity
That’s the bastard in me.

I know a girl who sells herself around
And I’m sure that one day
She’ll sign autographs in your town.

You fucking whore, who you fucking now?
You fucking…

Shut up and swallow my pride and go;
move closer or drive further
For as you suck on the end of this dick that comes lead
I’ll be coming for you all!!!

Looking back into my diary
What makes me say those things?
What causes my laughter
At another’s disaster
It’s the bastard in me

I know a girl
Who sells herself around
And I’m sure that one day
She’ll sign autographs in your town.

Who you fucking now, you fucking live in shit.
You mean shit to me you mean shit.
You eat shit, you fucking whore!

I strain myself I guess I guess
I fucked myself I guess I guess
I strain myself I guess
I mean it you fucking whore!

You live in shit
and you will eat your own way

I’m too fly and shy
Too fly and I, like no other guy
Too fly and shy just for you
I’m too fly and shy, I’m like no other guy
I’m too fly and shy just for you
I’ll mark you all!!!

Today I thought I would expose one of my favorite pieces of writing that I have been slowly working on for about a year. It was first intended to be a song, yet my musical talent is wanting. I guess the only reason I continued writing it was in the hope of one day becoming an overnight vocalist. Alas, this did not happen. So, this brings me to what I really wanted to say…

I have a challenge for all you kind humans of the blogosphere or whatever means were used to view this blog. More particularly the musically inclined sector. I would like YOU to take the lyrics below and make them into something. It doesn’t matter what sort of music you put behind it (although I always imagined Frank Sinatra bellowing the tune in a smoky room) or how you sing it. I would absolutely love to see something made of this. If you want to rework the words to make it more “melodic” go for it.

For me, it doesn’t feel complete in its static form. I want to feel an eargasm from something I helped make. Even though the musical tune will be all you! So please, if these words mean something to you, and you have the ability to do something with them, then I give you full reign. The only thing I ask is credit for penning the lyrics.

I hope someone out there can make it happen. 🙂

Her Forbidden Kiss I can’t resist.

The benefits outweigh the risks.

I’d drive for days and walk through nights;

Just for a lift, from her lips, to new heights.

Here we sit, on this lazy Summer ‘noon

In the meadow, watchin’ the flowers bloom

And my lips, they croon, a lofty tune

In July, my oh my, this here July.

Soon my serenade entangles in the breeze

It carries through languid branches,

hung from sycamore trees

Spreading hope to those still blinded by lust

Lost in translation or failure to trust

Oh, the sights these forests reap. 

Surely’d turn you red in the cheek

For lover’s embrace’s no stranger to,

Mother nature’s reach

Oh how she melts when our eager lips meet

Knowing mere mortals can shine brighter 

Than the sun she concedes.

In the green fields we lay frozen, a moment for eternity

Locked in a gaze, my inhibitions she razed.

But my soul shattered…

For soon reality steals the grin from a saint

Her words become stone as “goodbye” escapes rouge lips

I refuse with melancholy eyes. My cries,

fell irrelevant. Here in July.

She must be on her way. Her train due back in May.

So why do I die inside? How did I lose my pride,

On that fateful day? When love was in the air.

Dancing merrily to the song my heart did bare.  

I wish ALL human beings could still enjoy the classic artists such as Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby, Dean Martin, Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong, Dinah Shore, Dorothy Collins… (I could go on) …as much as I have been able to through the years. And not just the mainstream standards that have been played-out by nearly every blockbuster Rom-Com to-date (although that is in no means a slight against the artists’ talent). I am talking about the songs that don’t make the mainstream; the ones that don’t always make you feel like you are living in a fairy tale. The songs that make you think about your trespasses and those who have trespassed against you (This will not turn into a bible reading. I Promise). When the woman/man you loved is now a person you loathe. Or when life gives you lemons, and your juicer breaks mid-squeeze. These are the songs that have kept me sane in times of need; the hands that picked up my lemons and said “Try a Little Tenderness”.   

And do you know why this music has such an impact on those that take the time to listen? Because the artists who performed them are somehow capable of morphing their words into an audible specter that will possess all who allow their thoughts to run free instead of locking them in a cage like an untamed beast. With each note, comes a soothing euphoria. Yet at the same time, it brings back the memories that once found you immobilized in fear.

Take Frank Sinatra for instance. This man, whether you’d like to believe it or not, had a rough life living with himself on a daily basis. It has been said that through Frank’s career, he was clinically depressed. Always wanting to find that everlasting love, that feeling of universal acceptance, yet nothing could quite fill the void that presided within. And you hear that in all of his songs. Whether it be the up-beat “Summer Wind” or the heart-crushing “Bewitched”, his emotional state is reconstructed with each air.

Aside from that possibly poor attempt at justifying my diatribe, I guess I just think that people would be able to offer a love more tender, laughs more genuine and smiles much brighter if they let some true emotions bang on their ear drums for a few minutes. And I am not saying that Rap, Hip-Hop, Rock and the like are all bogus genres which do not deserve respect. I too love some good death metal from The Black Dahlia Murder, Rap from Biggie, Rock from The Deftones, and Country from Trace Adkins. But if you pay attention to the lyrics; the very meaning of these songs, has become so irrelevant, so vulgar, so repetitive, that it just voices pointless frustrations like scoring hoes and “talkin’ ‘bout that honky-tonk badonkadonk”. So few artists these days express true emotions in their songs, and so many gifted acts are left on the sidelines with little support. I don’t know, maybe I am just talking out of my ass. But people just don’t respect these old school legends like they should. After all If it wasn’t for them carving a path to expand the musical genres, the meat industry would have never received such a committed advocate in Lady Gaga. Not the best comparison, but In my mind I laughed my ass off after saying it. 

May the Rat Pack be with you.

-Chris Gonzalez