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This is probably something most won’t care about, but I love my journal, and I bet others have similar feelings for their own :-). If you are one of the few who name their Journal too, what did you pick?

Mine, I call it Moe, i think it’s a great name for a journal (obviously). It reminds me of the guy you see in movies whom the main character sits next to at a bar or some random park bench, bus stop, whatever… and the main character starts talking about their troubles and so on, and unlike 99% of the population who would barge in with a story of their own to top the other or simply ignore the whiner outright, Moe sits quietly on his bar stool, steadily guzzles down pints of his favorite lager, several of which purchased by our lonely hero for the humble company provided, and Moe, he knows, He knows what works: just fucking listen.

Moe is a good friend.