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Lately I have been thinking a lot about my favorite book series “Youth in Revolt”. And no, I am not referring to the movie adaptation that left out about half of the three books it was based off (also not to say the movie sucked. Michael Cera was a perfect fit for Nick Twisp and Portia Doubleday played the role of Sheeni Saunders, as if she were meant for it. I still despise Sheeni’s character to this day. If you read the series, you may agree or disagree.) I am talking about the 7-book series that had me enthralled the whole way through. This was a series that didn’t allow me to rest unless I was flipping through its content with wide eyes and a tender heart.

Now you might be thinking “Who fucking cares? Why are we listening to Frank Sinatra while you blab about some book?”. Well that would be because Nick Twisp is also a Frank Sinatra fanatic; and in the book, he and Sheeni enjoy small coffee shops together for its simplicity and intimate setting. And considering Nick, was head-over-heels for Sheeni, this song came rushing into my conscience as I replayed the scenes over and over in my head.

So I thought I’d share the song with you all and maybe even garner some interest in those who have yet to dive into the fantastical mind of C.D. Payne and his quirky novels 🙂

Mam’selle Performed by Frank Sinatra:

A small Cafe, Mam’selle, our rendezvous, Mam’selle.
The violins were warm and sweet, and so were you Mam’selle.
And as the night danced by, a kiss became a sigh,
Your lovely eyes seemed to sparkle just like wine does
No heart ever yearned the way that mine does for you.
And yet I know too well someday you’ll say goodbye,
Then violins will cry, and so will I, Mam’selle.